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It Did What? 8 Secrets About the Best Things to look for in a Rental Property

   623-748-7800 Real Property Management West Valley specializes in property management services and therefore we are constantly being asked where and what are the best properties for rental homes.  The where question is very difficult to answer because it really depends on the price the investor is willing to spend as well as
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City of Phoenix offers educational classes for landlords…….

 The City of Phoenix is the only city that offers a certified Landlord/Tenant Counseling Program in the state. If you are a new landlord than knowing the rules and requirements of tenant management is imperative. Additionally, you may be having some difficulties understanding the Arizona Landlord Tenant Act in its’ entirety.  One major responsibility of
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INTEREST RATES AND YOUR RENTAL Even though interest rates have risen over the summer they are still well below rates in the past causing home purchases to be very attractive.  Additionally, those who are now three years from their foreclosure can now purchase again and in some cases people who did short sales just two
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