If you’re not allowing pets, you’re turning away a large subset of renters. As a Phoenix Property Manager, we know the thought of allowing pets in your home can be scary but in a recent survey by, it was found that 75% of renters said they owned at least one or more pet. That’s up a staggering 32% since last year. Most of those pet owners are found to have cats and dogs with only 6% having fish or other types of pets. Pet owners understand they are required to put down a pet deposit, the most common deposit is about a $200 / $250 in addition to the security deposit. What’s more interesting is that of the 25% of non-pet owning renters 58% of them still looking for pet-friendly units.

The Trend Is Clear, more renters own pets and even those without pets look for pet friendly units to have the option of owning a pet in the future. In addition to pricing and condition, it is clear that having pet-friendly unit could put your property at a competitive advantage over those that are not pet friendly.
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Preparing your Phoenix Rental Property in 15 Easy Ways

Given the number of available rental properties in Phoenix, it is important that the property look its’ best for each potential tenant showing.  As a Phoenix property manager, here is a list of items you should keep in mind as you prep.
  • Landscaping: Front & back yards should be landscaped and well-maintained while property is vacant. Grass should be mowed and sprinkler timers should be set. The property should be free of weeds. All trees and bushes should be trimmed. Keep in mind that the  property owner is responsible for replacement of landscaping damaged by natural occurrences, like the weather. 
  • The property should be completely free of all furniture, junk, debris, etc.
  • Patios and porches should be swept and free of garbage.
  • Pools: Appropriate city codes must be met for pool security and the owner is responsible to meet that requirement. Regular cleaning and chemical service must be scheduled while the property is vacant. During vacancy, power should be on at the property so the pool equipment is operational. 
  • Garbage Receptacles: Should be empty and inside the fence or garage. 
  • Interior should be clean and odor free.  While on the market be sure to remove any bugs and/or dust that accumulates in between showings.
  • All door & window locks must function properly. Any window screens with holes or not fitting correctly should be removed and discarded. All doors should be present and operational. Window coverings (basic blinds are fine) for windows facing the street and in the bedroom are strongly recommended because if not provided it will be an extra expense to the tenant at move in.
  • Carpets should be professionally cleaned. 
  • Air filters and furnace filters should be new or clean and free of dust and lint so they operate properly. Air conditioning and heating must be operational. Electrical outlets, lighting, and fans should work properly. All outlet covers and switch covers should be installed.
  • Appliances: Must be fully operational and clean on both the outside and inside of the appliance. 
  • All plumbing must be in good working order.
  • The property must be free of mold issues.
  • Walls, ceilings, and baseboards must appear nice and clean. Neutral colors are recommended. Walls should be free of pictures, decorations etc.
  • One remote should be provided for properties with an automatic garage door. 
  • Smoke alarms should be in working condition.
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Phoenix Home Owner Association Management Rules

Having grass in the front yard of a phoenix rental property requires more maintenance than just mowing.  Around the end of September you need to start preparing to over-seed your grass with winter rye which should be completed by mid-October. Then to ensure the full re growth of Spring Bermuda grass, you should accelerate the death of Ryegrass by letting it dry out in early May.  Typically, two weeks without water is sufficient to kill the Reygrass.  After it has turned brown, resume watering to encourage the Bermuda to come out of dormancy.  Unless you have a tenant who has a green thumb, it is recommended that the property owner include front yard landscaping services to avoid HOA violations or fines.  Alternatively, you can look at removing front yard grass and installing rock (only after approval from your HOA) which has a large upfront cost if done correctly but very little ongoing maintenance cost.

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What Experts are Saying About September Phoenix Rental Property Statistics

Rent check is ARMLS’s monthly publication showcasing the Valley’s residential single family leasing market. It only accounts for phoenix rental properties that are advertised for lease through the Multiple Listing System (MLS) and does not include rental homes advertised through all other sources including phoenix property managers.  According to this data, the median lease amount for September 2013, was $1,100.00 while the average lease amount was $1,386.00 and the average days on the market was 41.  Typically, October and the beginning of November are strong leasing months however January can be slow as many tenants don’t have the funds after the holidays to for moving expenses and security deposits.  

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Phoenix Rental Property Legal Class Registration

Everyone is familiar with the saying “What you don’t know can hurt you” well in this case, what you don’t know may COST you!  There are many laws and requirements associated with owning a phoenix rental property and one such is the requirement to register all rentals with the Maricopa County Assessor’s office. Luckily it is a pretty easy process in which you complete their form which can be found on their website and mail along with a check for $10.00.  You will need your parcel number which can also be found on their website and if you live outside of Arizona you will need a Statutory Agent.  Some phoenix property management companies include being your agent with your services.
                Now if you fail to register your residential rental property with the Assessor’s office, “the city or town may impose a civil penalty in the amount of $150 per day for each day of violation”.  Additionally, the tenant at your property can legally terminate the lease with ten days notice and  you would be required to return all pre-paid rent to the tenant.  

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