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Screening Potential Tenants

While it might not be fun to say no to a potential tenant, it may be necessary. As a Property Manager we know that no landlord wants to deal with late payments or destructive tenants. In an effort to prevent future issues you should carefully screen each potential tenant. This is a simple process that
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The Importance of the Legal Class of your property!

What you don’t know CAN hurt you!  There are many laws and requirements associated with renting a property.  Each state, county, and even city is unique.  And unfortunately, saying “well, I didn’t know” does not exempt you from the sometimes harsh consequences.  For example, if you have a residential rental in Maricopa County, you are
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Should I Manage My Own Property?

Most rental housing investors consider self-managing their properties at some point. For some investors, self-management works, but for many, the hassle and time commitment isn’t worth it. If you are considering managing your own property, take some tips from the phoenix property management leader. Here’s what you need to know.  Make time. Arizona Property management is much more than collecting
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