Phoenix Rental Market Heats Up!

Signs of a U.S. economic recovery are everywhere except the housing market.  New-home sales fell to their lowest level in five months according to data released last week, while home prices appear to be losing their momentum.  Also, higher mortgage rates and rapidly rising home prices have also kept buyers away.  These buyers are continuing to rent allowing the rental market to heat up and causing properties to rent in as fast as 24 hours and driving rental prices up. If your home is currently on the sales market you may want to consider renting instead for at least 12 – 24 months.

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Monitor your ads, Avoid online scams

As a Phoenix Property Manager we monitor all of our rental listing daily. As an owner you may not realize the importance of monitoring your property listing. We have found that online predators will clone rental listing in effort to scam unsuspecting potential tenants. The cloned adds will look just like the original ad however they change the contact information so that they are receiving call on your property instead of you. The bogus ad my offer a reduced cost or move-in incentives in order to entice tenants to contact them for a quick “hassle free” move. We have had tenants arrive in Phoenix and go to what they thought was there new rental, only to find our  “FOR RENT” sign at the home and realize that they had been scammed. It is unfortunate that this does occur in the Phoenix rental market so it is important to take the extra steps to secure your investment. Monitor all of your online rental ads and check on your property during the vacancy period. 

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What is the Right Approach to providing Appliances for Your Phoenix Rental Property?

In the Phoenix rental market, providing appliances for your tenants is necessary and listing the house without will put your property at a competitive disadvantage.  As a Phoenix property owner, being responsible for the appliances is unfortunate because appliance repair and replacement is expensive and most tenants will not treat the appliances like they would if they owned them.  However, there are some strategies that can be utilized to help minimize the expenses involved with these items.

One of the things that you can do is make the tenant responsible for repair of the “optional” appliances such as fridge, washer and dryer.  If you opt for this than you must be sure that all are in good working order at move in.  Also, if you need to buy an appliance at one of your Phoenix rental properties, it is best that you buy a new one versus used however keep the new one simple and “frill free”.  For example, when buying a microwave, don’t buy one with a revolving plate as that is an “extra” that can break and is not needed for the overall functioning of heating food.  Another example, is buying a fridge without an automatic ice maker or a water dispenser on the door.  Again these are all examples of items that aren’t needed to keep food refrigerated/frozen but can break at anytime.  Lastly, if you are short on funds for appliances remember that washer and dryers are more optional whereas a fridge is really a must have.
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Phoenix Property Rent Statistics

ARMLS (Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service, Inc), publishes monthly rental statistics for the Phoenix Rental Property Metro area based on all leasing activity through MLS (Multiple Listing Services).  For February 2014, closed rental units was 3625 so down slightly from 3690 for February 2013.  The median lease price was $1095 and the average days on market was 49.  Although the median lease price was the same as January 2014, the average days on market dropped slightly from 53 in January and should continue to remain strong through March and April when the Phoenix weather is often times at its’ best.  Additionally, the median lease price dropped from $1237 in January to $1210 in February.  It is important to keep in mind that these numbers are actually higher since they do not include landlords who advertise in other mediums and do not use MLS.  

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