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10 Mistakes the New Phoenix Landlord Makes

Are you a new landlord? Do you know some of the most common mistakes new landlords makes? Perhaps you have an investment property or maybe you are looking to purchase real estate to bolster your portfolio.  It may seem like a good time to purchase a rental property given the increased demand for rental homes,
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Have Your Tenants Abandoned You?

Do you think your Phoenix tenants have packed up and departed in the middle of the night, leaving you with unpaid bills, damages to your property, and piles of trash? Perhaps you have noticed the“clues” they are preparing to leave before the end of the lease. For example, maybe they are behind in rent and unresponsive to
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The Do's & Don'ts of Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening of course is the most important aspect to being a Phoenix landlord. Right now the Phoenix rental market is pretty tight meaning that correctly priced Phoenix rental properties that show well will get a lot of interest from potential tenants.  This also means that as a landlord there is really no reason to
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