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Insurance for your Phoenix Rental Property: Top 3 Areas to Consider

Being Phoenix property managers, we always have Phoenix property owners asking us about the best option for property insurance for a rental property.  Of course when you live in the home, you have owner occupied insurance which often times gets paid by your mortgage company as part of your escrow fees.  But once you decide
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Phoenix Property Management Contracts

Back before Phoenix property management companies were so prevalent, almost every property management contract had a clause for earlier termination and with it usually came a penalty fee.  The penalty fee was in place because companies didn’t want to do all of the hard work to place a tenant just to have the owner cancel
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Is a Pet Friendly Rental Property Still a Good Investment?

Is a Pet Friendly Rental Property Still a Good Investment? Often landlords feel that their Phoenix rental property values will lower if pets are allowed in the units. They also worry that increased maintenance from animal-caused damage will hurt cash flow. Studies have shown that with fewer property vacancy days, added premium pet deposits and
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