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Quick Simple tasks to get your Home Rent Ready

Many landlords believe that a quick sweep through the home prepares it for a new resident, but this is not enough as they are missing some crucial steps. Here are a few simple steps to ensure that your home is in tip-top shape and ready for a new occupant. One: Re-key the Locks Yes, you
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Mutual Rescission of Lease Agreement – Phoenix

So you completed the back ground checks and the applicants for your Phoenix investment property seem like a good fit.  You move forward with the lease signing and the new tenants move in.  A few months later your “good fit” suddenly becomes your biggest nightmare and now what are your options?  Well, depending on the
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Phoenix Rental Home – Landscape Maintenance: Who is responsible?

As the seasons change, Real Property Management West Valley Phoenix wants to remind property owners of the importance of landscape maintenance before the change in weather arrives. The Landlord, The Tenant, and The Lawn Whether you have acres of land needing upkeep, or less labor intensive desert landscaping, landscape maintenance can be a gray area
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