Quick Simple tasks to get your Home Rent Ready

Many landlords believe that a quick sweep through the home prepares it for a new resident, but this is not enough as they are missing some crucial steps. Here are a few simple steps to ensure that your home is in tip-top shape and ready for a new occupant.
One: Re-key the Locks
Yes, you collected the keys from the resident, but did they make spares? All outside locking doors should be re-keyed between each resident. Additionally, rotate the codes on any garage doors, access gates, exterior property gates, and mailboxes.
Two: Maintenance Assessment
Do a thorough evaluation of home. Check for leaking pipes and electrical functionality, light bulbs and fixtures, garbage disposals, cabinets, windows and screens, window treatments, heating and cooling devices, doors, etc. This should also include replacing air filters and batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The more detailed evaluation, the better!
Three: Upgrades or Repairs
More costly repairs are tricky to complete with a resident in the home. Assess the condition of all flooring materials, paint, bathtub surrounds, and major appliances. Now would be the time to make and repairs or replacements. 
Four: Exterior Clean Up
Don’t just look inside, look outside, too! Haul any debris from the yard, trim the trees, prune the bushes, and cut the grass. First glance needs to show the tenant how you want them to maintain the exterior and if there are weeds and debris you are not setting a good example!
Five: Cleaning
Even the best residents don’t often clean well enough. If needed hire a professional cleaning service for the job and get the carpets professionally cleaned. It makes all the difference in how the home shows and how quickly it rents.
These simple tasks will help you get your home in tip top shape quickly and easily. The better the home shows the more likely you will be able to place a tenant quickly. The last task would be to get your marketing done and get the home listed on the rental sites to place your next tenant! 
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Mutual Rescission of Lease Agreement – Phoenix

So you completed the back ground checks and the applicants for your Phoenix investment property seem like a good fit.  You move forward with the lease signing and the new tenants move in.  A few months later your “good fit” suddenly becomes your biggest nightmare and now what are your options?  Well, depending on the issues you may need to pursue an eviction however evictions are costly and mean that the tenant gets to live in your property for free for usually around 30 days (the average time it takes to evict a Phoenix tenant). During those 30 days there is a good chance that your tenants are destroying your property so what other options do you have?  Well, you could consider a mutual rescission of the lease.  With this option, you may be able to get the tenant out of the property faster and possibly with less damages.  

Here are the top 5 items to be sure to include in your agreement:

1. A confirmed date in which possession of the property must be returned

2. How possession must be returned – such as keys being dropped off to a certain location on a certain day and a certain time

3. Detail what happens to the security deposit keeping in mind that it is beneficial if you offer to return the deposit in full if the home is returned to you in the same condition as received as this will give the tenant incentive not to destroy the property 

4. Be sure to include a clause that the tenant can’t pursue any additional actions against you during or after move out

5. Include that all parties must abide by the lease until the mutual rescission of lease agreement is executed by all parties

What is difficult in these types of situations is that is not morally or legally right that you should have to even present this option to your tenant who is most likely in breach of their contract in one way or the other.  However, decisions like these are business decisions and are made to in the long run save the business owner (in this case you) money in the long run.

If you, as a Phoenix self property manager find yourself in this or other types of property management situations and need any assistance please contact us at 623-748-7800 or visit our website at rpmwvphx.com

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Phoenix Rental Home – Landscape Maintenance: Who is responsible?

As the seasons change, Real Property Management West Valley Phoenix wants to remind property owners of the importance of landscape maintenance before the change in weather arrives.
The Landlord, The Tenant, and The Lawn
Whether you have acres of land needing upkeep, or less labor intensive desert landscaping, landscape maintenance can be a gray area for rentals. Phoenix area property management companies agree that the job of landscape maintenance should fall to the property owner or manager and not to the tenant, unless tenant landscape responsibilities are specifically spelled out in the lease.
A well-kept yard can boost the overall appearance of your home, and change the way the tenant cares for the property by seeing that you do the same. But, when it comes to landscape maintenance, it’s more than just the lawn.
 The Low Down on Tree Trimming
Trimming any trees and shrubs on the property is an area of maintenance that should be completed at least on an annual basis. Tree and shrub trimming falls to the property owner, or a professional tree trimming service.
Trimming your trees and shrubs has many benefits including:
     Reduce the risk of damage to your home by trimming branches that are too close to windows, siding, and roof.
     Increase the longevity of the tree or shrub by removing branches that can cause problems to overall health.
     Ensure the safety of those on the property from being hurt by a falling branch.

Real Property Management West Valley Phoenix has access to tree and shrub trimming services and other landscape maintenance companies at a discount for our clients. If maintenance is not something you enjoy doing on your own, call us today to see how one of our preferred partners can help!

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