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Top 4 Renovations that make an impact for your Phoenix Rental Property

With the new year now underway, many property owners in Phoenix find themselves thinking about renovating their rental properties as a means to attract new tenants or to keep the current tenants happier. We joined with other Phoenix property management companies to compile a list of smaller renovations that go a long way in the eyes of
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Phoenix Rental Property Maintenance Myths

There are several recurring rumors regarding rental repairs in Phoenix and many misinformed myths misconstruing maintenance matters. While the need to perform maintenance and repairs on rental property is inevitable, they do not have to be nightmares. So let’s clear up some of the most common rental property maintenance myths: Rental Property Maintenance Myth #1:
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Advertising Your Rental Home For Rent in Phoenix

You have gone through the “legal” legwork and have our home “make ready” so now it is time to get a renter in the home.  To do this, you will need to decide how much your rental property is going to rent for, as well as where and how you are going to advertise the
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