5 Best Things To Do In Phoenix, AZ In March!

This week we are going to do a departure from our usual blog posts about Phoenix rental properties and Phoenix property management to start our annual activity guide per season for metro Phoenix.  We have decided to start with March since it is prime season in Phoenix, AZ since the weather is the best!  With so many activity options what to do first???  We will outline our top 5 suggestions:

1. Catch a spring training game!  With 10 spring training stadiums within the metro Phoenix area there is sure to be a team playing somewhere while you are here.  If you a like a less crowded area to enjoy your game visit the stadiums in the far west valley such as Goodyear Ball Park.

2. Stroll through our new Aquarium! The OdySea Aquarium is the largest in the Southwest and it is very conveniently located right off of the 101 major freeway.  Visit lots of very diversified exhibits with many being interactive.

3. Hike one of our awesome mountains!  Visit Camelback Mountain for example for a challenging work out with great views.  Make sure to take plenty of water and wear athletic shoes though because the exercise along with the sun and dry air can make you extra thirsty.

4. Get in a game of golf at one of our award winning golf courses!  The nice thing is that metro Phoenix has so many courses that you are sure to find one that matches your talent. Just bring your patience because rounds here can be slow due to the large number of golfers during high season.

5. Visit the MIM! The Musical Instrument Museum (“MIM”) is a great option for museum lovers.  The collection there spans over 6,000 instruments from around the world.  On the first floor alone you will find instruments, concert footage, clothing of renowned musicians and more. 

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Showing your rental property safely and effectively in Phoenix, Arizona

To show a rental property to a new tenant in Phoenix, AZ  many first time landlords simply show up at the scheduled time with little preparation. In this article, we will cover the steps to effectively and safely show your rental home.

First and foremost, you need to consider personal safety. Let a friend or family know your schedule, and check in with them when you arrive at the rental property, leave the rental property, and arrive at your next destination.  The process is really no different from taking a hike somewhere in that you never know what may happen when you are outside your home; remember you are meeting strangers at the property, not friends and family. Be Safe.

Next, be at your rental property at least 15 minutes before your appointment time as this will give you the opportunity to quickly pick up stray rubbish that may have blown in, check the mailbox, and maybe even pull that pesky weed by the front door. Once inside, you can open the blinds and turn on lights. These small touch ups only take a few minutes, but can make a significant difference in the prospective tenants’ first impression.

For safety purposes, let them enter first and always keep yourself closest to the exits while showing the home.  Now it is time for your true showman to come out – point out the amenities of the home, such as lighting, flooring, and other special features.  Let new prospective renters know which appliances are staying with the home, as well as other items that they may need to know, such as parking or common interest community restrictions. Also let them know about the closest public transportation, shopping, and other points of interest in relation to the home. 

Stay with the prospective residents but do not hover – let them tour the home and give them room to discuss features.  When it comes to showing your rental property, your goal is to have prospective renters envision themselves living in the home.  The more references you can make that will help them feel comfortable and like they have arrived in a place to call home the better. 

Once the tour is complete, ask them whether they would like to fill out an application to lease.  Be careful not to make comments that may lead renters to believe they have already qualified for the home as you never know what the approval process will uncover. Set a sense of urgency with prospective renters with regard to the application – let them know you have other appointments and will be processing applications on a first come, first serve basis. Also provide them with a timeline for your decision.

A properly and well thought out agenda and day can make sure you are safe and not rushed for this important step in renting your investment property.

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Phoenix Property Management Update on Transaction Privilege Taxes

Almost every city within Maricopa county charges a city rental tax that typically ranges between 1-3% (referred to as TPT).  Many Phoenix investment property owners are under the incorrect impression that if they only own one Phoenix rental property that they are not required to pay the city monthly tax.  However rental tax is due on EVERY rental property and is the requirement of the property owner to pay on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis depending on their filing schedule.  

Over the past few years there have been several changes in the process that has certainly caused a lot of confusion.  Originally the Arizona Department of Revenue (AZDOR) was responsible for collecting the rental taxes for some of the cities such as Surprise, Litchfield Park & Buckeye and they then they forwarded on the money to the appropriate city.  At the same time, other cities such as Avondale, Peoria, AZ & Glendale, AZ were collecting their own taxes.  

Two to three years ago the AZDOR began the process of what they call “simplifying” the TPT tax process.  As a result they started requiring each property owner to obtain an individual transaction privilege license through their office and originally required the tax from each property to be paid individually thereby making it impossible for property managers to file taxes on behalf of their property owners.  They then repealed that decision realizing that they couldn’t handle the volume of property owners then needing their own individual license so property management companies could file again for their clients. 

Beginning this year more changes came about as part of the “simplification” process! Now, the AZDOR processes and collects the city rental taxes for all cities within Maricopa County who charge such a tax.  As a result, if you self manage your Phoenix rental property you MUST obtain an individual TPT license from the AZDOR and file the monthly taxes with them directly.  So far example, if your property is located in Peoria, AZ you no longer pay the city of Peoria quarterly you must pay monthly to the AZDOR.  

Additional changes have also come about with the purchasing of the city business license/transaction privilege license.  For those cities in which a business license was required such as Peoria, AZ and Surprise, AZ you now have to pay for both the AZDOR and the city license so for example with a rental property in Peoria, AZ your license cost last year was $50.00 paid to the City of Peoria versus $62.00 for this year paid to the AZDOR ($12.00 for the AZDOR license and $50.00 for the City of Peoria).  

As with most city & federal “programs” you don’t actually receive anything for the tax and license fees that you pay they are just required and basically just become city revenue. However, be sure you are up to date and in compliance because if not and you fail to file you will be subject to late fees and penalties.  For additional information you can visit www.azdor.gov TPT section

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Leaving on a jet plane? Don’t know when you’ll be back again? While the former is far more certain than the latter, making sure your Phoenix rental property is safe while you’re away is an important, but often forgotten, part of rental property management in Phoenix. So to help you out here are 5 simple steps to keep your property protected.
1. Get a Security System – This has all sorts of benefits including insurance and peace-of-mind, but more than that, security systems are extremely affordable these days. That means you can stay in the know while you’re on the go, for very little out of pocket expense.
2. Social Media Smarts – No need to broadcast your whereabouts to the world, but in case you do want to make your friends jealous of that gorgeous tan you’re nursing in the Caribbean sun, make sure your social media accounts are locked down tight. Enable the strongest privacy settings possible so that no one, except those that matter, know where you are.
3. Don’t leave a spare key outside – This is the oldest trick in the book but sadly, some people still fall for it. In today’s day and age, there’s no need to leave a spare key under the welcome mat, in the light fixture or taped to the window. In short, don’t give anyone easy access to your property that doesn’t need it.
4. Hold the Mail – In the category of “one more thing” this can be a tough, but it’s a necessary step. Fortunately, the USPS has made it much easier by allowing you to do this either online or over the phone. So, there’s really no excuse to skipping this step.
5. Unplug the Garage Door – For all the talk about security, some people fail to realize that burglars use universal garage door remotes to open the door and then waltz into the house like nothing happened. Don’t let this happen to you. Unplug the garage door before you leave and make it impossible for thieves to enter that easily.
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Top 3 Aspects of Rent Collections, Phoenix Rental Property

When you own rental property, your goal comes down to the amount of rent you collect. It would be nice if you were always paid the rent on time and the check cleared without problems. However, that rarely occurs 100% of the time. Even with careful tenant screening, your tenants can run into unexpected financial situations and your payments are no longer coming in on time or regularly. Your rent collection process should help your cash flow be as regular as possible.
1. Set the Rent Expectations Early
Real Property Management WV Phoenix has been successful in encouraging successful rent collecting when the process starts with the careful screening of your potential tenants.  When you have a vacancy, it is a temptation to rent your home as quickly as possible and not be as careful as you should be with your tenant choices. We are patient and make sure your potential tenant has a high enough credit score and is able to prove an income sufficient enough to be able to pay the rent regularly as well as has sound rental references. An applicant should earn at least three times the amount of the rent for your unit. Then at the lease signing, we let your tenants know Real Property Management WV Phx expectations and policies with regard to rent collection. Good communication from the start makes us strict, but fair, and policies are understood from the beginning of their residency.
2. Technology Payment Process
A rent collecting process that is technologically based is a secure and convenient way for your tenants to pay their rent. Real Property Management WV Phx has an online collection option which lessens any rent collection delays. When the rent is collected, this automated system also works for the property owner giving a direct deposit from the collected rent to the owner. Keeping the rent collection process professional and not personal, with understood expectations, gives us the tools for a more successful renting experience.
3. Automated Collections Process
An aspect of rental property management in Phoenix, AZ that is never pleasant is the business of collections when a tenant doesn’t pay the rent. Even the best screened tenants can have a difficult time in their personal lives that affects their abilities to pay rent on time. With an automatic collection process, the moment rent is not collected; automated notices can be sent to the tenant. These notices can be scheduled easily and speak to your tenants with respect. As soon as the law permits, an eviction process can be started with a non-paying tenant so your days without rent can be as few as possible.
Clear rent policies along with a secure technology platform through Real Property Management WV Phx will help your Phoenixrental property rent collecting run smoothly.
RPMWV Phx offers full service Phoenix Real Estate & Phoenix Property Management services.  For additional information you can contact us at info@rpmwvphx.com or 602-281-2884

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