Homeowner Association Property Management

Our July podcast is  now available and is part one of our series about homeowner association property management.  HOA Property Management is divided into financial services only and full services.  Full service includes financial services plus additional services.  Some of the additional services are attending meetings, resale disclosures, site visits, issuing/monitoring violations, emergency services and much more.  This first segment discusses financial services specifically monthly reports, association accounts, receipt of funds and collection of assessments.  We do include recommendations within each category in an effort to maximize your community’s management services.  Our free tip at the end provides suggestions for one of the largest problems for HOAs which is community involvement. Our next podcast segment will finish financial services and begin discussing some of the other services provided.  All three segments can assist a board in interviewing potential property management companies.


If your community is located within the Phoenix metro area please visit here for information on our HOA management services.

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4 Reasons to Buy a 4-plex

Top Reasons to Purchase a 4 Plex in Phoenix Az

Are you thinking about buying an investment property? If so, have you considered multi-family properties?  Does the number of units scare you away?  If so there are many good reasons to consider purchasing a multi-family property.  Here we highlight the top four reasons to buy a 4-plex:

  1. The top reason to buy a 4-plex in Phoenix or elsewhere is because it instantly gives you four doors which equals more income.  Most likely you will have more income on a monthly basis from a 4-plex as compared to the income that you would earn from owning a single-family home.  Also it decreases your risk of vacancy.  If you live in one unit that chances are you won’t have a month in which all three other units are vacant.
  2. Great Financing Options ! With a 4-plex you may  qualify for an FHA loan if you plan on living in one of the units. With an FHA loan you can purchase a property for as little as 3.5% down and this allows you to be an investment owner with not much out of pocket cost.  Also, this allows you to save money for times of vacancies or repairs.
  3. Get to live for free.  If you plan on living in one of the units of the four-plex you may have all of your expenses covered on a monthly basis with the rent that you collect from the other three units.
  4. Great Practice for Owning Larger Multifamily Properties. Starting with a four-plex is a great way to get experience to then expand your investment portfolio into larger muli-unit properties.

For information on valuing multi-family investment properties such as 4-plexes visit here.

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