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Our Buckeye Property Managers rented a home in Buckeye’s Sundance community in just 7 days!!!  Sundance is a premium subdivision in Buckeye just off the I-10. The community has a small town feeling but close to Phoenix.   As a result, Buckeye is a desirable area for phoenix property managers.  Sundance is south of the I-10 extending from just west Verrado Parkway to Watson Road off Yuma Road. The community’s started development around 2003 and first round of construction was completed by 2006 but construction has resumed in the Sundance.  The homes have between three to five bedrooms on average and two to four bathrooms as a result this neighborhood is perfect for those seeking single-family investment homes.

The Buckeye Property Managers first listed  the single level single family home which is 1635 square foot home in 2012 where it rented for $875, it then rented again in late 2014 for $900 and was rented until a new tenant was placed in July 2019.  In 2019 the home rented for $1195 and took just seven days to rent.  The 2019 rental price represents a 33% increase from 2014.

Buckeye is located approximately 30 miles west of downtown Phoenix. For more information please visit here.


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Mesa AZ Property Manager

Our Mesa AZ Property Manager completed a rental study comparing the 85205 Mesa zip code to Mesa in its’ entirety.  All rental market figures for the 85205 zip code as well as all for Mesa were taken from closed rental data from the Arizona MLS from 2016-2019 (Year to Date).  The chart below outlines the number of rented properties, average rent and average days on market.  What our Mesa AZ Property Manager found is that overall the 85205 zip code brings in a lower monthly rental rate than Mesa as a whole. However the increase for 85205  from 2016 to year to date was 28%. Additionally, the average increase for the same time period for Mesa was 14%. Interestingly, the average days on market is pretty similar for both.

Mesa, AZ Property Manager rental study of 85205 zip code versus Mesa overall

The 85205 zip code has a population of approximately 39,858. It is located north of main street, west of Val Vista, east of Power and south of McKellips.  Additionally it has a median home value is $124,800 and median household income is $44,469 this zip code is an attractive city for rental property ownership.
Further information about the city of Mesa, Arizona… 
  • Median household income is $48,259 a year.
  • Mesa is the 3rd largest city in Arizona
  • The overall median age is 35.9 years
  • For every 100 females there are 97.5 males.

For more information on Mesa, AZ visit our informational page or visit the world wide population review.

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