Phoenix HOA Management

There are four types of Phoenix HOA management and deciding which is best for your homeowner’s association may require the community to take a deep dive into their needs.  The four types are self management, in-house management, financial-only management and full service property management.  We will provide a brief overview of each.The first Phoenix HOA management option is Self-management. With this option the community association utilizes volunteers to do all the work.  The board members do everything including collecting dues, issuing and following up on violations, creating the budget, hiring vendors for repairs and planning on meetings.  The benefit from this type of management is there are no management costs however there are several downsides.  High board turnover is very common as board members typically don’t have the time for all that is required.  Also, HOA compliance may be an issue as board members may not keep up on  Arizona HOA legislative changes.

Some associations with many members may choose to retain a property manager directly, meaning the association hires the manager as an employee. This is known as in-house Phoenix HOA management and is done because it is cheaper than paying for full-service management from a property management company.   The in-house management may be a volunteer.  However, in-house management can have its disadvantages. If your manager goes on vacation or gets sick, who will step up to fulfill this person’s responsibilities? Also, who is the manager accountable to?

The third Phoenix HOA management option is financial-only management, where the association’s Board of Directors makes the big decisions, but leaves the financial functions to a management company. Tasks such as pulling reports for financials,  processing HOA dues, and paying bills are all handled by the financial management company. They can also offer guidance on decisions and direction for a Board of Directors.  This is a great option for an HOA that is transition from self-management as it offers an introduction to professional property management.

The last Phoenix hoa management option is Full Service Property Management which removes as much of the burden off the Board of Directors as possible, making it the most expensive type of management. Will full service management, the management company does all the same things they would under financial management, plus much more. They help enforce violations, find and coordinate with vendors to complete maintenance issues, create budgets, assist with planning meetings and work very closely with the board to assist with voting measures. As an added bonus, a professional HOA management company has a check and balances system that strongly inhibits theft from the association.

In review; most Phoenix HOA’s utilize full service property management especially for the larger communities.  The really small communities (10 homes or less) tend to use self-management as the work load is manageable.  Interestingly a lot of HOAs that are struggling financially use financial-only management in an effort to save money however full services can really assist in getting things like an HOA dues increase passed which in the long run can help the HOA far more than the cost savings.

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Avondale Property Manager Success!

Avondale property manager success!
Avondale property manager success!

Our Avondale Property Managers rented a home in Avondale’s Crystal Garden community in just 1 day!!!  Crystal Gardens is a premium subdivision in Avondale located south of Thomas, north of McDowell, west of Avondale Blvd and east of 107th.  The community offers lake view homes, walking paths, fishing, bird watching, two playgrounds and bike lanes.  The community consists of 905 homes and 27 acres of wetland.  The homes within the community have between three to four bedrooms on average and two to three bathrooms.  The square footage of the homes range from 1283 – 2893 and were built between 1998 – 2003 and as a result this neighborhood is perfect for those seeking single-family investment homes.  Additionally,  Crystal Gardens is a desirable area for Avondale property managers.

Our Avondale Property Managers first listed  the single level single family home which is 1240 square foot home in 2011 where it rented for $820, it then rented again in late 2012 for $845 and was rented until a new tenant was placed in November 2019.  In 2019 the home rented for $1095 and took just one day to rent.  The 2019 rental price represents a 34% increase from 2011.  This is a substantial increase for a two bedroom rental home.

Avondale is located approximately 18 miles west of downtown Phoenix. For more information please visit here.


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Chandler property management

Chandler property management - current home under management
Chandler property management – current home under management

Real Property Management Phoenix Valley offers residential property management services specializing in Chandler property management.  Chandler is part of the “east valley” within metro Phoenix.  According to the Multiple Listing Services (“MLS”) 1337 properties have rented in Chandler year to date.  1099 of those properties were single family, 151 were town homes, 55 were apartment style properties and 32 were classified as other.  Overall the single family homes took about 20 days to rent for a median rent amount of $1825.  The town homes on average took 25 days to rent for a median rent price of $1476.  Lastly the apartment style properties took 26 days to rent with a median rent amount of $1298. 

The Real Property Management Phoenix Valley’s Chandler property management team currently has a four bedroom, two bath single family home for rent in the 85224 zip code.  The 85224 zip code encompasses the area south of the 202, east of the 101, west of Alma School and south of western canal.  Year to date 174 properties have rented within this zip code.  119 properties have been single family with average days on market of 14 and a median rent of $1812.  35 have been town homes with an average days on market of 37 and a median rent of $1400.  Finally 16 have been apartment style properties that took 17 days to rent at a median price of $995.  

As Chandler property management specialists we can report that rental applicants in this area prefer single story homes.  Also, they look for alternatives to flooring such as wood or tile as it is easier to keep clean.  Some of the properties in this area were built in the 1980’s so upgrades may be needed.



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