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Phoenix Rental Lease Agreement

One of the most important items a  landlord will have is their Phoenix rental lease agreement.  The more detailed and specific the agreement the better for both the property owner and tenant.  In this blog we will discuss four important components of the lease including occupant names, late fees, legal notice fees & appliances.  The
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Switching Phoenix Property Management Companies

Switching Phoenix property management companies can seem like an overwhelming task.  Additionally, home owners may be concerned that things like security deposits could get lost in the shuffle.  Real property management phoenix valley has created the following check list to assist with a successful change.  The first part of the check list is for before
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Phoenix Property Management Firm

Real Property Management Phoenix Valley is an industry leading  real estate sales firm and Phoenix property management firm.  We offer Phoenix residential sales as well as property management services.  Therefore, our clients are always asking us for what types of properties make the best rentals.  Here are four items to look for in a new
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