Rental property inspections

Rental Property Inspections

Real Property Management Phoenix Valley has been managing Phoenix rental homes for 14 years.  Through our experience we have created the six successful steps of rental property inspections.  We will share those steps with you in this blog.

Step One: Review your lease agreement.  Note how many occupants should be residing in the home.  List the number of minors vs adults and if there are pets.  Also, make note of the responsibilities.  For example is the tenant responsible for the landscaping?  Who is responsible for the appliances?  Lastly note which appliances belong to you versus the tenants.  All of these notes will make your rental property inspection move smoothly.

Step Two: Use a dedicated inspection form.  Break out the form by room and be sure to include the garage, front & back yards.  The more detailed the form the more thorough the inspection will be.

Step Three: If your tenant is home wear headphones.  Don’t let them distract you from the task at hand.

Step Four: Complete the rental property inspection in an organized manor.  In each room take pictures first and then stop to complete your form.  This will help to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Step Five: Be mindful of things that might be strategically placed to make you miss things.  For example, be sure to move a throw rug even if you just fold it in half because it may reveal stains on the carpet.  Also, try to move back sheets that might be covering up windows because you may find broken blinds underneath.

Step Six: Check ALL ceilings as they may reveal roof and/or plumbing leaks.  Check and change air filters and/or smoke detector batteries if needed.  Check the front AND back of all doors to look for any holes and to see what might be hiding behind the door on the paint and/or baseboard.

For an example of an inspection form please listen to our podcast.

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Phoenix property manager success!

Phoenix property manager success!
Phoenix property manager success!

Our Phoenix Property Managers rented a home in the Dynamite Mountain Ranch community in just 2 days!!!  Dynamite Mountain Ranch is a premium subdivision in North Phoenix very close to the I-17 freeway and tons of shopping such as the Shops of Norterra & Happy Valley Town Center!  It is north of Jomax and east of I-17 .  The community consists of 1045 single family homes.  Most homes are between three to five bedrooms  and two to four bathrooms. The square footage of the homes ranges from 1,522 to 4,204 sq. ft. The amenities at Dynamite Mountain Ranch complement the community’s natural environment. There are numerous parks with playgrounds and covered picnic. There is a basketball court and the Sonoran Loop Trail that provides just over three miles of well-kept trails for hikers and horseback riders. For all of these reasons Dynamite Mountain Ranch is a great community for Phoenix property managers.

The home that we recently rented was over 2400 square feet with four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. All of the bedrooms were upstairs making the first floor a large main living area.  The home feels very private since it backs up to an open area with no other homes.  This is the first time that the home is being rented.

Dynamite ranch is located approximately 28 miles from downtown Phoenix.


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