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What’s the best way to find a good Property Manager??????

Since I own a property management company in Phoenix Arizona, my friends and family who live in different states are always asking me really what is the best way to screen property management companies???  Several of my disappointed friends tell me that they thought they had screened them – that when the management company called them back they sounded responsive on the phone, they had a good rating with the BBB and some very positive online reviews.  That’s when I explain that they really should have just sat down in front of their computer and picked up the phone!  The best way to screen is to go to the management companies website, find a few addresses for properties that are currently listed for rent and then call the company for “more information”.  Take notes on each company you call on.  Note if you left a message how long did it take someone to call you back?  When you received a call back, did they provide basic info to you about the property such as square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, price & deposit.  Also, more importantly, did they ask you a series of screening questions such as when are you looking to move?  Do you currently rent?  Have you ever been evicted?  Do you have any criminal records?  During this experience you will be amazed at how many companies “sounded great” yet you can’t even get a leasing agent to return your call.   Then you won’t believe the number of leasing agents who don’t ask any screening questions – as if you want people with criminal records going through your home and in some cases doing so alone without a representative from the management company.  You will be amazed at how much information you learn this way as opposed to reading online review which most likely are fake.