What’s the best way to find a good Property Manager??????

Since I own a property management company in Phoenix Arizona, my friends and family who live in different states are always asking me really what is the best way to screen property management companies???  Several of my disappointed friends tell me that they thought they had screened them – that when the management company called them back they sounded responsive on the phone, they had a good rating with the BBB and some very positive online reviews.  That’s when I explain that they really should have just sat down in front of their computer and picked up the phone!  The best way to screen is to go to the management companies website, find a few addresses for properties that are currently listed for rent and then call the company for “more information”.  Take notes on each company you call on.  Note if you left a message how long did it take someone to call you back?  When you received a call back, did they provide basic info to you about the property such as square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, price & deposit.  Also, more importantly, did they ask you a series of screening questions such as when are you looking to move?  Do you currently rent?  Have you ever been evicted?  Do you have any criminal records?  During this experience you will be amazed at how many companies “sounded great” yet you can’t even get a leasing agent to return your call.   Then you won’t believe the number of leasing agents who don’t ask any screening questions – as if you want people with criminal records going through your home and in some cases doing so alone without a representative from the management company.  You will be amazed at how much information you learn this way as opposed to reading online review which most likely are fake.
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Rent Check Statistics for March 2013!

RENT Check™ is ARMLS’s monthly publication showcasing the Valley’s residential single family leasing market. It features the Rent Check Quotient™ (RCQ™) derived by dividing the # of leases by the # of closed sales as reported in STAT. Elevated lease activity is stoked by high foreclosures, which turn home owners into renters, and investor sales into rentals rather than owner occupied houses.
In March 2013 the Median Lease price was $1063 with average days on market of 55.  Should you decide to use professional property management services in Phoenix such as Real Property Management, your average days on market can be as low as 28 days.
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It’s Monsoon Season in Arizona – Is Your Rental Home Ready?

Roofs are one of the most neglected parts of a home, in regards to repairs.  With monsoon season upon us, is your home prepared for the wind, rain, and trees?  “Large trees may pose risks during monsoon storms.”  Maybe a small leak during the winter was apparent, then the rain stopped and you put the problem out of your mind.  This is a good time to make sure that that small leak you had doesn’t turn into needing new roofing.  This article contains tips about what to look for, in preparing your rental home for monsoon season in Arizona.

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Rental Home Market is Hot in the West Valley!

For real-estate agents, home buyers and especially home sellers, the West Valley is burning up, especially for homes less than $150,000. That heat is strongest in the market for homes of $100,000 to $150,000, forcing new buyers to move to higher ranges.Distressed properties, those houses owned by people facing foreclosure or short sales, still make up the bulk of sales. But ARMLS statistics show they have decreased in metro Phoenix to about 43 percent in May. That’s a drop compared with their high-water mark in September 2010, when distressed properties made up 74 percent of homes sold.

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Hire a Good Property in Phoenix by Property Management Companies

Phoenix Property Management Companies
Property management companies provide a good platform for getting a house for rent or for sale. They handle many kind of services like providing home to the potential tenants, collecting payments from tenants, listening to the complaints and many more. These companies provide many skilled and professional staff to take care for your property.

There are many online companies which are ready to help you in managing property. You can contact with them through internet. Many Phoenix Property Management Companies offer very good services to their clients. Many people purchase property for vacations, functions, and occasion and even for parties. They provide advertising services so that the tenants can easily get home. Before finalizing any property through these companies, try to check all the details related to them and even property. You should ask their clients who are associated with them.  These companies hire skilled and professional managers to make easier handling your property. They try to find those tenants who pay rent on time and handle your property in good way. Company’s members check your property time to time. Property management companies give proper guidelines to the property holder. Their mangers give information to the property owner about renter history, payments history, profit or loss statements, all rental applications, collecting the payments and all kinds of repair and maintenance issues. These companies provide services for commercial and residential property also. These companies take good care of your property and charge you reasonable for this assistance.

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Property Management in EL Mirage Helps you to Find The Potential Tenant

Property Management in EL Mirage
Property management is a great way for the property owner to rent the house without spending their time in searching the renter, showing property to many potential tenants, collecting rents, listening to the complaints and all the paperwork. All the work is done by a property manager.

It is important for the property owner or potential tenant to find the right property management company. The Property Management in el Mirage is well known for their services. They adopt inventive processes and systems that are supervised by professionals, trained managers and highly experienced accountants. Customer satisfaction is their first priority. There are various online property management companies. You can search them on the internet. The details are given on the website. Read all the details of the company properly because they will be taking care of your money. Check the certificate of registration/registered of the company before finalizing the services of any property management company. Read the charges of the services offered by the company carefully. Read the reviews of the people who have experiences their services. Choose the reputed company.  All the advertisements and proper display and maintenance are the task of a skilled property manager. It is the duty of property manager to process all the rental applications, check the credit and background of the potential tenants, initiating rent contracts, monitoring the rent renewals, imposing the rules and regulations regarding the contract, dealing with the violators of the lease contract, mediator at the time of disputes between tenants occur, all kinds of maintenance or repair issues, knowledge of fair housing laws and to collect the payment.

Choose the best property management company to remain tension free.

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Contact az Property Management Companies for Valuable Deals

AZ property management companies
Whenever we talk about financial property management we define an important part of the realty industry. It is imperative for any person who is looking out for a property to choose and consider the best of the best financial real estate company to ensure desirable result. When a person is looking out for choosing the company for property management then he must consider the ones which are there in this field from a long time and are serving people suitably. One should be responsible enough to plan out expenses before buying or investing in any sort of property. One must be clear with all these facts and should also discuss this with the property management companies, so that they can take this factor into consideration while selecting the property for you.
 You can look out various property management companies around the world which deal in all the techniques and issues involved with property. The AZ Property Management Companies has the best deals for people and is able to provide people with a correct knowledge about the properties such as Aggressive marketing and advertising of rental properties, Initiation of leases and tenant placement, Rigorous credit, income and criminal screening, Regular property inspections, Modern on-line accounting and financial reporting, Maintenance coordination, Collections of rent and other payments, Complete eviction processing etc. Therefore, a person should look out for an appropriate company who can solve all sorts of issues in no time. It is recommendable that your search should highlight only authentic service providers whose fair results highlight their reputation.
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Hire the best property management Arizona to assure a quality service

A financial property management company is the one which has become an important part of the realty industry today. If a person is choosing a property for himself, he must consider the best financial real estate company which would give them a great choice for the appropriate property. When a person is choosing the company for the property management then must consider the ones which are there in this field from a long time and are serving people appropriately. One should take care of all the expenses before they are buying or investing in any sort of property. One must be clear with these facts and should also tell this to the property management companies so that they can take this into account while choosing the property for you.
property management
There are many property management companies around the world which deal in all the techniques and issues involved with property. The property management Arizona has the best deals for people and is able to provide people with a correct knowledge about the properties. So, if a person wants to handle all the property related issues he should prefer to let them handle by the best property management companies. There is a lot of paper work involved when a person is investing into a real estate business. So a person should hire an appropriate company who can solve all the issues in no time. All the financial reports and the stress related to that are handled by these companies.
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