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Rent Collection Advice: Part 2

Last week, we went over some important aspects of rent collection.Today, we will go over three common situations we see regarding late paying tenants. We will also give you some strategies that you can take when faced with these situations. Situation #1 – The tenant constantly pays late and won’t change their behavior. We mainly
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Develop a Consistent System to Make Your Landlord Life Easier

At RPM West Valley, we manage hundreds of rental properties. We have a great staff and advanced software systems that help us do this. However, perhaps what has helped the most is that we have implemented consistent systems and procedures regarding most management aspects we tackle. We have a defined and detailed process for items
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Attracting & Retaining The Right Tenant in Phoenix

Getting and keeping a good tenant is the lifeblood of your Arizona Rental Property.  Taking the right steps to getting a solid tenant is even more important in Phoenix due to a high transient rental pool.The first step to rental success is to list your vacant rental property for the right price.  You need to be realistic
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