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RPM Phoenix Valley Guide To Tenant Screening


Welcome to RPM Phoenix Valley's comprehensive guide on tenant screening. This eBook is designed to equip landlords and property managers with the knowledge and tools needed to attract and secure the best possible tenants for their properties. Inside, you'll find:

🔑 Why You Need This eBook:

  • The Triple Filter Screening Process: An introduction to RPM's unique approach to tenant screening that focuses on factual and document-based evaluation.
  • Key Screening Components: Detailed insights into assessing proof of income, conducting thorough credit and background checks, and verifying past residence.
  • Application System Overview: Strategies for creating a seamless and efficient application process using online tools and email communication.
  • Tips and Warnings: Practical advice to avoid common pitfalls, such as unauthorized occupants and the risks of not following a structured screening process.
  • Final Decision Making: Guidance on making informed decisions using a weighted scale system to evaluate potential tenants comprehensively.

This guide is a valuable resource for anyone looking to refine their tenant screening process and ensure the selection of responsible, reliable tenants.

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