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Investors Choose Us Because Of Our 25+ Years Experience In The Phoenix Area, our Triple Filter Manual Tenant Screening process, our client-owner Management Service Guarantees and below industry average for average rental listing days on the market!

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Maintenance and Property Inspections

With our dedicated 24/7 maintenance team, your asset is always protected, no matter the hour and your tenants are guaranteed quick turn around times for repairs. Through our Owner Portal you can monitor and view open and closed maintenance work orders as well as maintenance invoices to see what repair was needed, why and the cost.

Additionally, to safeguard our owners from tenant-caused and cosmetic repair items, we provide each tenant with our comprehensive maintenance troubleshooting guide. This guide equips tenants with easy troubleshooting tips they can try before reaching out to our maintenance team, helping to minimize unnecessary calls and save you money in the process.

How this benefits you:

  • You are reimbursed for repairs caused by the tenants as well as unnecessary repairs.
  • You can rest easy knowing your home is protected nights, weekends and holidays
  • Your online portal allows you to track billing so you can keep track of your expenses
  • Because our techs are in house they are dedicated to the maintenance of our rental homes. As a result, we guarantee a prompt response to repairs in order to protect your property and keep your tenants happy
  • We can help to ensure that you are always in compliance with the AZ Landlord Tenant Act


Inspections are one of the most important aspects of property preservation and asset protection. Proper documentation of your property from prior to tenant move in to after move out is the best protection a Phoenix Landlord can have regarding security deposit dispositions and maintenance budgeting. We provide up to four inspections depending on which property management plan is selected.

  • New property intake inspection - typically lasting 1-2 hours, we create lists of repair items to complete prior to listing (if any), prior to tenant move in (if any) and as is items meaning that we note the current condition and do not expect that condition to change. Detailed/date stamped pictures are also part of our new property inspection intake.
  • Move in inspections - our team visits the property the day of move in to collect signed move-in inspection documents from the new tenants and to be sure the move in went smoothly. (Video on tenant occupied inspections)
  • Tenant occupied inspections - conducted by one of our licensed Real Estate Agents, our comprehensive tenant occupied inspections include a report and date stamped pictures. Additionally, if needed smoke detector batteries and air filters are changed. The inspection documents any repairs in which the tenants have not reported to assist with property preservation. Additionally, any possible tenant damages or unauthorized people or pets residing in the home are noted as well as “star” tenants who are taking great care of the property! We are on site for approximately 1-2 hours completing the inspection. Afterwards, approximately 1-2 additional hours are utilized reviewing the inspection and comparing to the move in inspection, new property intake inspection and lease agreement. This is a valuable process as it assists with preparing suggested renewal options, taking care of any maintenance that may be of safety concern as well as identifying if there are any lease violations. (Video on tenant occupied inspections)
  • Move out inspections - conducted when the tenants vacate. We are on site for approximately 1-3 hours completing the move out report and documenting with date stamped photos. The report is then compared to the move in inspection and new property intake inspection to determine tenant, owner and as is items.(Video of a move out inspection)

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