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Investors Choose Us Because Of Our 25+ Years Experience In The Phoenix Area, our Triple Filter Manual Tenant Screening process, our client-owner Management Service Guarantees and below industry average for average rental listing days on the market!

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How We Screen Your Rental Applications

We strive to get your investment rented quickly, but know it is important to get the RIGHT tenant versus the FAST tenant! Spending time up front and finding the BEST tenant for your rental creates a good experience all around, versus one that is stressful and frustrating.

Our Triple Filter Manual Screening Process includes the following:

  1. Manual Credit Analysis

    This technique stands as an unparalleled approach in the realm of credit assessment, especially in the domain of housing collections which may be marred by multiple sales or transfers. This method deftly unravels the intricate web of obscured debt, providing an accurate depiction of the borrower's credit landscape. Unfortunately automated tenant screening systems which are regularly used in the property management field might falter in the face of such complexities.

  2. Employment History Analysis

    Requiring two full years of employment history allows us to determine the stability of the applicant. Applicants with multiple positions and short time frames on each very well could be an indicator that they will struggle to fulfill the full lease time period. Frequent turn over in tenants results in higher costs for the property owner and more time of vacancy.

  3. Debt to income calculations

    Applicants with high debt to income ratios and/or credit limits at or over the maximum may indicate a future issue with on time rent payments. If the applicant is not currently successfully managing their credit obligations that can be an indicator of future late rent payments.

  4. Eviction history screening

    Our eviction screening process provides many benefits to our property owners such as risk mitigation, tenant reliability assessment, protecting property values, legal compliance and much more.

  5. Criminal screening

    Not only do we process a full criminal screening but we also manually review jurisdictions for possible records that may not be registered on the state level such as city municipal criminal issues. Our screening allows our property owners to enjoy higher property security, liability mitigation, reduced tenant turnover and more.

  6. Previous and current housing history experience

    Essential in the applicant screening process; previous and current housing history is one of the most important criteria when considering a rental application. Applicants who have been renting from family, renting a room and/or renting from a private party landlord come with higher risk as there is not an independent third party providing verifiable information.

  7. Pet Screening

    Our pet screening provides a consistent process for screening household pets, validating assistance animal requests, and confirmation of no pets. Our manual screening of pets includes verification that the pet is spayed/neutered to ensure that breeding of animals cannot occur. Our manual screening of assistance animals is confirmation of an active prescription for ESAs. Our review process helps mitigate risk by ensuring the appropriate documentation and information is provided to verify the validity of each accommodation request.

As illustrated, our screening process is not just based on a credit score only - we take a comprehensive look at the overall applicant. This process has proven to be extremely successful as demonstrated by our eviction rate which is less than 1% which is well below the Phoenix industry average!

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