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Phoenix Association Management

Switching HOA Management Companies

Switching HOA management companies can be a daunting task however it can prove to be very beneficial and create a cost saving. Here are things to look for when making the change as well as items that will be needed:

  1. Unfortunately most home owners are not that involved with their HOA so oftentimes more than just a mailing is needed to inform them of the change. When interviewing new management companies make sure they will call homeowners to advise of the change like we do.
  2. Have a 30-45 overlap in services. This will allow the new company to notify the homeowner’s of the change. Additionally, the community will continue to have services while the new company is processing the change.
  3. Be sure to receive monthly financials for the last month the old company will be providing services. Additionally, make sure you receive the final bank statement (often overlooked) so that the board and the new company know how final funds were allocated.
  4. Make arrangements to pick up the final checks or obtain a date which they will be mailed from the current management company.
  5. Provide documents such as CC&R’s, By-Laws, financials, owner contact and bank statements to the new management company as soon as possible as it will assist with accounting set up.
  6. Obtain files for each homeowner so that any previous violations or communications transfer to the new company.
  7. Forward any special assessment information including ballots in case any homeowner’s dispute the assessment with the transfer.
  8. Provide an up to date delinquency list to the new manager so they can stay on top of outstanding accounts.
  9. Forward any outstanding work orders.
  10. Provide copies of any executed contracts currently in place.
  11. Provide invoices for recurring services such as landscaping.
  12. If applicable forward utility account usernames/passwords and account numbers (such as power, water, trash).
  13. Pass along any keys and/or access codes to any community areas.

Most importantly everyone has to remember to be patient as the total time to switch HOA management companies will take between 60-90 days. For information about Real Property Management Phoenix Valley’s homeowner association services visit here.