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10 Tips to taking the best photos of your Phoenix Rental Property!

10 Tips to taking the best photos of your Phoenix Rental Property!
If your having trouble renting your Phoenix rental property perhaps you need to change out the pictures - after all they are the first thing that a potential tenant will see.  Use the following 10 tips to get the best pictures of your property:

1. Clean and de-clutter the property before even starting with your camera.  Be sure that the property is exactly how the tenant will receive it when they move in.
2. Use neutral colors through out for paint and carpet - this way every possible tenant's furnishings will go with the colors.
3. Take photos from every angle, leaving the camera on the widest angle. Compose your shots carefully. Standing in the doorway or corner usually gives the best perspective.
4. Take pictures with the blinds open and closed as well as with lights on and off so that when you review you can be sure to have the best shots. 
5. If sunny windows are making the room look dark, try focusing on a wall or floor first. This should adjust the exposure for a balanced shot. This way, viewers can see the details of the room clearly.
6. Keep the camera straight or adjust photo tilt later so images appear level.
7. Always make sure the toilet seat is down and the shower curtain is gone! This will make your bathroom look much neater. 
8. Take pictures with the front door and sliding glass door open so you can try to catch natural light.
9. Be sure to take several angles of the front of the house as well as shots of the back yard that show what the landscaping look likes.
10. Be sure when putting your pictures together that you do so sequentially as if someone is walking through the property via the pictures.

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