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Blog Post Phoenix HOA Management

Phoenix HOA Management

There are four types of Phoenix HOA management and deciding which is best for your homeowner's association may require the community to take a deep dive into their needs.  The four types are self management, in-house management, financial-only management and full service propert...
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Blog Post Switching HOA management companies

Switching HOA management companies

[caption id="attachment_851" align="alignnone" width="416"] Phoenix Community Currently Under HOA Management[/caption] Switching HOA management companies can be a daunting task however it can prove to be very beneficial and create a cost saving.  Here are things to look for when...
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Blog Post HOAs In Phoenix

HOAs In Phoenix

 Phoenix Condo Community Currently Under Homeowner Association Management[/caption] The Phoenix metro area has many planned community developments.  Most of the developments have Homeowner Associations more commonly referred to as HOA's in Phoenix.  The HOA'...
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Blog Post Homeowner Association Property Management

Homeowner Association Property Management

Our July podcast is  now available and is part one of our series about homeowner association property management.  HOA Property Management is divided into financial services only and full services.  Full service includes financial services plus additional services.  Some of ...
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Blog Post HOA's - Landlord & Tenant Responsibilites

HOA's - Landlord & Tenant Responsibilites

As a Phoenix Property Manager, we know that not all Home Owners Associations (HOA) have policies and procedures in place when dealing rental properties so it is important to check out the HOA rules prior to leasing your home. If your home is in an HOA, you have certain rights and...
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Blog Post Phoenix Home Owner Association Management Rules

Phoenix Home Owner Association Management Rules

Having grass in the front yard of a phoenix rental property requires more maintenance than just mowing.  Around the end of September you need to start preparing to over-seed your grass with winter rye which should be completed by mid-October. Then to ensure the full re growth ...
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Blog Post Home Owner Associations (HOA Management)

Home Owner Associations (HOA Management)

So you’re thinking of buying an investment property in the phoenix area and have researched rental prices, crime statistics and probably mortgage rates but have you ever considered researching the Home Owners Association (HOA)?  It may be surprising but often HOAs have byla...
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