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Homeowner Association Property Management

Our July podcast is  now available and is part one of our series about homeowner association property management.  HOA Property Management is divided into financial services only and full services.  Full service includes financial services plus additional services.  Some of the additional services are attending meetings, resale disclosures, site visits, issuing/monitoring violations, emergency services and much more.  This first segment discusses financial services specifically monthly reports, association accounts, receipt of funds and collection of assessments.  We do include recommendations within each category in an effort to maximize your community's management services.  Our free tip at the end provides suggestions for one of the largest problems for HOAs which is community involvement. Our next podcast segment will finish financial services and begin discussing some of the other services provided.  All three segments can assist a board in interviewing potential property management companies.   If your community is located within the Phoenix metro area please visit here for information on our HOA management services.