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3 Benefits of Using Online Tenant Screening Services in Phoenix, AZ

3 Benefits of Using Online Tenant Screening Services in Phoenix, AZ

You just got a call from another tenant saying they're moving out. Now what?

Well, you must look for a new tenant to replace that one. But you want more than just any tenant; you want an outstanding tenant!

The best way to find quality tenants is through online tenant screening services. You hire a company to handle the screenings, and they give you the results. It's that easy.

Keep reading to learn about the top three benefits this service offers.

1. You'll Find Quality Tenants

Think about the most critical aspects of your rental property business. Is finding excellent tenants one of them? Most landlords think so.

This is exactly what you'll get with tenant screening services. You'll find great tenants.

The best tenants possess certain qualities. They make on-time rental payments and avoid trouble. They take care of the units they rent.

Tenant screening in Phoenix helps you with this task. As a result, it might help you decrease your eviction rates. After all, landlords don't usually have to evict great tenants.

In 2022, landlords filed 67,000 evictions. Every eviction costs money. Therefore, reducing the chances of eviction is helpful for your business.

Property managers offer tenant screening services. They'll research a person's credit, criminal record, job, and more. Then, they'll analyze the results and let you know what they find.

2. You'll Get Faster Results

The next benefit of online tenant screenings is fast results. If you currently manage your own tenant placement and screenings, you'll understand the time involved.

It takes time to perform Phoenix tenant screenings, and you won't get the results immediately. You have to wait. You'll spend so much time performing the screenings and waiting for the results.

When you hire it out, the company handles them swiftly. Your turn-around time improves, allowing you to make decisions faster.

The time savings helps you choose tenants faster and get their leases signed. The secondary result is you'll occupy the units quicker, helping you collect rent money faster.

3. Frees Up Your Time

The other thing to consider is the time spent on this task. If you currently handle the tenant screenings, several things might happen:

  • You can't handle other tasks because this takes up too much time
  • You skimp on the screenings and choose bad tenants
  • You have unoccupied units too long from waiting on screening results

A better option is hiring Phoenix property managers to handle tenant screenings. They'll save the day for you with this task and others.

Full-service property management firms know the industry. They use the best techniques, and they offer other services.

You might try hiring them for online tenant screenings. Then, you could add other duties.

For example, hire them to handle tenant placements. Hire them to handle the maintenance and repairs. You can even hire them to handle the accounting and bookkeeping.

Hire a Company for Online Tenant Screening Services

Online tenant screening services provide efficient results quickly. They help you find more qualified tenants and assist with reducing tenant issues.

Real Property Management Phoenix Valley is a company you can trust. Our team of professionals offers expertise and experience in helping rental property businesses succeed.

Get in touch with us to learn more.