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3 Cheap and Easy Property Updates That Will Help Rent Your House Quickly

Getting your house rented quickly does not have to be difficult. The main thing to do is to price your house correctly. Your asking rental price should correlate with the market. This concept is simple but seems to be missed more often than it should be.

The next thing to do is to make sure your house shows well. Here are three easy things to do to accomplish this. Again, they are simple but are surprisingly not done by many.

If you do these three things, you can increase the odds of getting your property rented fast.

1) Clean Up The Landscape- Nothing says “Landlord doesn’t care” more than a prospective tenant driving up and seeing weeds and a front yard that looks terrible. Cleaning this up is easy and relatively cheap.

2) Don’t Skimp On The Housecleaning- Make sure you pay enough or spend enough time to do this right. Make sure your carpets, floors and surfaces are clean and your house does not smell like the last tenants. Showing a house that stinks or is dirty is a sure way to turn off prospective tenants.

 3) Paint The Walls- This is relatively easy and really makes a difference when showing the home to prospective tenants. A good color to use is neutral tan. Avoid any bright colors as people have different tastes and you wouldn’t want to lose on a potential lease because of a color choice.