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5 Reasons to Outsource Arizona Rental Property Maintenance Hassles

5 Reasons to Outsource Arizona Rental Property Maintenance Hassles

As an Arizona rental property owner, have you experienced the following situations?

1. You have just been served a fine meal at the restaurant you have been looking forward to going to for days. This is when your tenant starts to blow up your phone with rapid fire calls. You finally give in and go outside to see what kind of an emergency they are having. They let you know that “direly urgent situation” is a just a toilet running. They inform you that this is entirely unacceptable and it they want it fixed in the next hour.

With a Phoenix Property Manager, this situation simply will never happen to you. The tenant will be able to vent through the maintenance manager. The problem will be reviewed and classified as far as importance and solved without any effort or involvement from you. 

2. You have a tenant that requests work done every time they note the slightest trivial problem. You either fix it simply to shut them up or partake in a two day argument on why you won’t fix it since it is so minor. This wastes your time as well as your pulse.

With a Property Manager, we know exactly what items are the owner's responsibility to fix and what items are simply trivial pursuits of the tenants.  The lease is structured so that minor imperfections of no significant importance need not be addressed and other more vital maintenance items are emphasized.

3. You have good tenants who have a legitimate maintenance issue that requires attention. However, you don’t know what vendor to use and the ones you try off the internet won't return your call. The longer it takes for you to respond to the repair, the more frustrated your tenant becomes.

With a Property Manager we have built long term relationships with various skilled professionals across the key repair categories needed to address tenant maintenance issues. We have been doing this for several years so you will be comfortable knowing that every person that touches a repair job at your Arizona rental property is qualified. We also warranty our work for a reasonable period of time and will be able to discuss items if an owner should ever have a concern.

4. You don’t know what you should fix and what you should left "as is"

Knowing what needs to be fixed and how it should be done could be tricky. Property Managers have made several thousands of rental property repairs in Arizona. We have seen just about everything that could happen to your Arizona rental property. We know how maintenance repairs relate to AZ tenant landlord law. We know how to fix problems efficiently and what is best for the owner.

5.  Unless you are a General Contractor, your knowledge of potential repair problems is limited.

With a Property Manager we watch out for minor repairs needed which if unattended can lead to larger issues. We have specific knowledge about common Arizona maintenance issues such as A/C issues and plumbing problems from hard water.