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Advertising a property: what to include in your listing

Advertising a property: what to include in your listing

Advertising your property is one of the key steps in attracting and finding the right tenants. A well-crafted listing lets you showcase your property’s best features, sets your property apart from others in the market, and catches the eye of numerous potential renters. 

In today’s post, we will discuss what to include in your property listing to make it stand out.

Property information

A good description gives the reader valuable insights about why they should be interested in your property. This part can be used to demonstrate the uniqueness of the house, anything that will make it gain competitive advantage over other similar units. The descriptions do their heavy lifting by communicating the home’s details, best features, and even answering frequently asked questions. 

Location and neighborhood

The location and neighborhood can be major selling points for your property. Make it your duty to highlight nearby attractions, such as restaurants, shopping centers, and parks. You also need to mention the distance to major highways, public transportation, and the school district, if applicable. This information gives potential renters a better idea of the area and helps them consider if it's the right fit.

Rental price and lease terms

Be clear and state the rental price and lease terms in your listing. Include the monthly rent amount, security deposit, and lease length. Also, if there are any additional fees, such as pet fees or utilities, be sure to mention them. Having structured information like this listed will not only be useful but also it also ensures that potential renters have all the details they need to make a knowledgeable decision.

High-quality photos

If your images are poorly lit, grainy, blurry, or too small to see anything, it will create a bad first impression, pushing people to move on to the next listing. Keeping this in mind, to fix your image quality, you can take the photographs with a good camera and a sense of capturing your property in its best light, or you can get your property manager to take them. However, the best results come from professional freelancers specializing in real estate photography and who are incredibly skilled in this area of expertise.

Familiarize yourself with the secrets for beautiful real estate listing shots, including using natural or artificial lighting, planning indoor and outdoor shots, and improving curb appeal.


Mention any amenities that come with the property, such as a washer and dryer, AC, fire detectors, security cameras, etc. If there are any extra community amenities, such as a pool, gym, or clubhouse, include photos and a description of them in your listing. This can give potential tenants a sense of the lifestyle they can expect if they choose to rent your property. 

Highlight quality features

The character of your property consists of its unique features that can help sell a home and catch the eye of renters who might be looking for something special. Mention in your listing any interesting details your estate has, such as a fireplace in the master bedroom, an original stained glass window in the entryway, a rooftop deck, or floor-to-ceiling windows that provide a breathtaking view. According to this Tampa property management company, this can, at the very least, differentiate your listing from the other dozen properties buyers browse.

By mentioning just a few one-of-a-kind home features in your real estate listing description, the right prospects will know how to appreciate it and might even urge them to schedule a showing. 

Pet Policy

If you allow pets on your property, be sure to mention your pet policy in your listing, whether or not you have a strict no-pet policy, and include any additional fees, deposits, or restrictions, such as breed or weight limitations. This will help you attract pet owners while ensuring no surprises down the line.


Remember to tailor your listing to your target audience, respond to inquiries promptly, and be upfront about the rent and lease terms. Following these tips, you can create a successful, informed property listing and find the right tenant for your estate.

A property manager is of great help when it comes to putting together a coherent listing that will attract viewers, as they are professionals with a lot of knowledge when it comes to advertising the features and details of your property. They can aid you in creating a well-crafted listing with all the information needed while showcasing the property in its best light.

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