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Benefits of Using RPM West Valley To Manage Your Property (Part 1)

Over the next three weeks, we will highlight four of the benefits you will receive by having RPM West Valley manage your home. For a complete list of all of the benefits you can watch the video below:

Benefit #1 - Twelve Month Tenant Guarantee

Since we are very confident in our tenant screening process and track record, if a tenant we place vacates during the initial 12 month lease than there is no charge (marketing, advertising, screening, leasing commission etc) for us to place a new tenant.

Benefit #2 - Diamond Rated Asset Protection Services

We perform bi-annual inspections with pictures to ensure your property is being kept in great shape. If there are tenant caused issues, we will follow up with tenants and perform another inspection with pictures to make sure that all items are fixed.

Benefit #3 - Collection of Rent

Our automated process ensures that you receive your rent on time. Our structured and resolute approach for late paying tenants takes away the burden having to collect on your own.

Benefit #4 - In House License, Bonded and Insured Maintenance Technicians

Our in house maintenance technicians perform quality work for needed repairs at your property. They also have the experience and knowledge to recognize and report when a needed repair is tenant caused. Over the years, we have saved our owners thousands of dollars by being able to recognize what issues are tenant caused. We also have the strength to push back to the tenant when a needed repair is a result of a negligent tenant action.