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Case Study Avondale April 2015

Case Study Avondale April 2015

We have managed this property in the Durango Park subdivision in Avondale, AZ for five years.

The house is a 4 bedroom, 2 bath and approximately 1,900 sq. feet.

We manage several properties within Durango Park, a subdivision in Avondale, AZ .

This property is located in a section of Avondale, AZ that is close to  Avondale Shopping, the I-10 and the MC-85.

We listed the property on April 8 and a new tenant signed the lease on April 10.

The rental market in Avondale is good but can be tricky. Because we have detailed knowledge of the pricing in the Avondale area, we have been able to lease Avondale properties quickly and  to qualified tenants.  The new tenants moved in on April 14.

Our aggressive advertising for our property rentals in Avondale helps us rent these homes quickly. If you are an RPM WV Phoenix client, RPM WV Phoenix pays to have your property advertised on many different websites and Craigslist. These advertising mediums are directed towards potential tenants who are searching for rental homes on their own.

RPM West Valley Phoenix manages a large number of properties in Avondale, AZ and has extensive knowledge of many of the subdivisions in Avondale.

Coldwater Springs, Rancho Santa Fe and Corte Sierra are just a few of the subdivisions we manage properties in the City of Avondale.

There are 50+ subdivisions in Avondale from Cambridge Estates to Waterford Square. We manage properties in many of them and have the knowledge and experience in these areas to help.
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