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CC&R's and Tenants

CC&R's and Tenants
As the Arizona weather heats up the landscaping drys out and HOA violations occur! Be prepared, be sure that your tenant is well advised of the HOA restrictions. But let's be honest we all know the tenant is not going to read the 90 page CC&R booklet. As a Phoenix Property Manager we have found that if you advise the tenant of the common sense violations such as weeds, over night parking and visible trash cans on a non-service day that is a long way towards prevention. The next step is to be sure the tenant is advised of any violations or warnings as they occur. The tenant should be immediately notified in writing and advised that a violation has occurred even if it is just a warning. If repeat violations are received a firmly worded letter should accompany the violation so that the tenant knows this is unacceptable. If your lease permits charge the tenants for any fines that may occur. It is a good idea to stay on top of both the HOA dues and any fines that occur to avoid any added late fees.

So again, be proactive advise your tenants of the common HOA violations such as trash cans visible on a non-service day, weeds, over-night parking in the street and stay in communication with both the tenant and HOA when an violations occur. 

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