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Effective advertising

Effective advertising

As both the weather in Phoenix and the rental market heat up, it is important to list your homes using a few simple guidelines to optimize your advertising. Start with using an effective descriptive title to grab a prospective tenant’s attention such as the title should be both inviting and descriptive listing some of the amenities and upgrades. Some key items that could draw in a prospective tenant are: Appliances, RV Gates/Parking, Granite Counters, New Paint and Carpet etc.

Next, once you’ve grabbed a prospects attention from the advertisement the ultimate goal is to get them to view your home and rent it. Your ad should be honest, convincing, and attractive. Include unique features for your property. Be sure that the first impression of your home has a warm and welcoming feel. This is after all your opportunity to turn the potential interest into a potential tenant.

Finally, include Images in your listing! A listing with no images will be skipped over by nine out ten people looking for a home. The most important factor is that the images accurately present your home. As a renter, there’s nothing more disgruntling than seeing stock images for a property, only to find that they’re not actually reflective of the properties current condition. Be sure to include multiple images that show a fresh clean property, with good exterior pictures to draw in the perspective tenants. Include photos of all rooms especially the Kitchen and Master Bedroom/Bathroom, and Front and Back Yards.

With these few simple steps you could be well on your way to having an effective ad to quickly rent your home! Follow @rpmwvphoenix