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Glendale, AZ & Arrowhead Ranch Rental Data 2013-2015

Glendale, AZ & Arrowhead Ranch Rental Data 2013-2015

This week, we are going to take a look at the City of Glendale Rental market and the numerous listings within this large area.

We will focus on the subdivision of Arrowhead Ranch in Glendale as the secondary layer to this rental market evaluation.

The Arrowhead Ranch subdivision is located North of Union Hills & South of Deer Valley as well as West of 59th Ave & east of 79th Ave.  

All of our Glendale rental market figures are taken from closed rental data from the Arizona MLS from 2013-2015.

We will focus on the rental homes that rented between January and December and break down the resulting rental data by year.The property data we will look at in this objective Glendale rental market review and Arrowhead Ranch rental market price overview focuses on closed, unfurnished rental properties.

The rental market numbers in Glendale & Arrowhead Ranch are interesting. Attached is our summary chart.

The most interesting thing to observe is how the Glendale rental market has steadily fallen over the years while the Arrowhead Ranch market spiked in 2014 only to fall in 2015. Additionally, the Glendale market is still larger than both the Peoria & Surprise rental market as we reviewed last month.

The average rental home price gain for the above time period in Glendale, AZ was 8.3%. For the houses in Arrowhead Ranch, the three year rental price is greater at 8.8%.

Overall Arrowhead Ranch is a great area in which to own rental property due in part to its' very close proximate to major freeways such as the 101.  Additionally the area features lush landscaping and man made lakes and reviews which is a nice change from the more traditional desert landscaping.

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