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Glendale, AZ and Arrowhead Ranch Subdivision Rental Prices and Data - 2013 to 2017

Glendale, AZ and Arrowhead Ranch Subdivision Rental Prices and Data - 2013 to 2017
Over the last 5 years (2013-2017), property rental prices in Glendale and Arrowhead Ranch have shown a significant increase. Also, Glendale rental property and Arrowhead Ranch rental property inventories have decreased substantially from 2013-2017.
The Arrowhead Ranch subdivision is located North of Union Hills & South of Deer Valley as well as West of 59th Ave & east of 79th Ave
The numbers that follow compare full year rental property market data from 2013-2017 in Arrowhead Ranch and Glendale, AZ. The number of rental properties analyzed is simulated for 2017 based the rental market data through 10-30-2017. 
All figures are taken from closed Arrowhead Ranch and Glendale, AZ rental property data from the MLS from 2013-2017 and only include unfurnished single-family home rental properties.
The above charts show good growth for rental home prices in Arrowhead Ranch and
Glendale, AZ from 2013-2017. The inventory in both comparisons also shows a significant decrease.
The rental home price average in Glendale, AZ has a substantial 49% in these five years. In Arrowhead Ranch, the increase in rent in this time frame has been a more modest 16%.
Rental property inventory in Glendale, AZ in 2017 is only 46% of 2013’s rental inventory. Arrowhead Ranch’s number of closed listings in 2017 is 43% of the 2013 closed listings. It is interesting to note in this time frame, the 49% increase in Glendale, AZ is over 8 times greater than Consumer Price Index (6%).