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How to avoid melting in the Phoenix Summer Heat!

How to avoid melting in the Phoenix Summer Heat!

Phoenix has officially hit triple digits so summer is here!  Here are some tips on beating the heat:

1. Invest in a Yeti mug (or something similar) - they have ones as big as 64 oz and it will keep your water cool all day long!

2. Buy black out curtains for windows in your home that receive direct sunlight - you'll be amazed at your AC savings!

3. Make sure to take pets out only early in the am or early evening once the sun has gone down - be sure to bring water with you for both you and your pet!

4. Plan a quick COOL weekend getaway over the summer - just a few days of relief can really help you get through the summer heat!

5. Check your tires and wipersCheck your wipers as well as your tires this month. It is typical for Phoenix to have summer monsoons and rubber dry rots in desert climates. Tires are more prone to crack and leak long before you wear out the tread. Plus, you don’t want to get caught in a sudden downpour and find that your wipers are crumbled strips flailing and scraping on your windshield. *Make sure your engine coolant and water levels are correct for the season too! *

Be sure to use plenty of sunscreen and visit the link below to find the best swimming pools in the valley!

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