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Landlords BEWARE!!!!

Landlords BEWARE!!!!

For the most part I never look at or read ANY online reviews....for RPM West Valley Phoenix or any other business for that matter because typically the happy customers are the ones that are too busy to be bothered by writing a review AND because a lot of companies (KYKO Roofing to name one) offers to discount customer's invoices after work has been completed if they are willing to write a good review about them either on google or the Better Business Bureau.  But the other day while doing market research for our current clients I came across the following RPM West Valley Phoenix review from our tenant A. Hall:

"RUN! These people are horrible and will nickle and dime you poor! Most unprofessional property management company I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. They do not value or respect anyone as a renter,or as a human being. I would rather eat broken glass then have to put up with there rude,unprofessional ways any longer. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Nothing but lies,fines,penalty's ,Hidden charges. Do your self a favor and save the headaches. DON'T TRUST THIS COMPANY!"

So I am writing this blog so that all landlords can beware of this tenant and many like them.  A. Hall wrote this blog while sitting in his rental property of which he hadn't paid rent and was in the middle of being evicted. Apparently A. Hall didn't have the money to pay his rent to the property owner BUT he did have the money to keep his phone and internet going and instead of being out looking for a job he was spending his time writing non-factual reviews about a property manager who did their job by enforcing the lease agreement and swiftly moving for eviction when it became apparent that the tenant wouldn't be paying rent.....but I forgot these types of tenants think they should get to live for free as long as possible with the property owner covering the cost.  Also, I should mention that Aaron was a tenant with us for 18 months prior to be evicted but funny no online reviews from him until the day he is in court to be evicted!

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