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Phoenix Property Management - 4 Top Reasons To Put Rock In The Backyard Of Your Phoenix Rental Home

Phoenix Property Management - 4 Top Reasons To Put Rock In The Backyard Of Your Phoenix Rental Home

In Phoenix many of the track homes that have now become a lot of the rental properties did not come with landscaped back yards.  Most of the builders included front yard minimal landscaping but the back yard was left up to the buyer.  As property manager's we get asked a lot what should we do with the dirt back yard and our answer always is to install desert rock!  Desert rock is a great option because there is no maintenance except weed removal and besides the need to add additional rock many years later the only cost is the initial installation.  Here are the top 4 reasons why putting rock in your Phoenix rental home is a great idea:

1. Rock helps to better maintain the exterior of the property.  When the yard is just dirt and there is a storm the dirt blows up landing on the exterior of the home causing it to look dirty and need new paint sooner.

2. Rock back yards are much more attractive to renters than dirt especially if the renters have kids of pets because the rock allows for the back yard to be usable.  Additionally, the rock will help to reduce the dirt/dust that comes into the home.

3. Rock will definitely reduce the weed growth when compared to dirt making the back yard look nicer.

4. When you decide to sell the property the rock will make the property look more attractive to buyers.

Also, we always suggest using the larger rock such as 1" if possible as it tends to look better over time as the rock starts to thin.  Also, the rock in the back doesn't necessarily need to match the front so don't be concerned if you can't find the front yard rock any longer.  One more tip; do not install plants and bushes in the back yard as they need a lot of care when first installed and tenant's are notoriously not good with yard care so save your money!

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