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Phoenix Property Management - Three Tips for a successful Phoenix Move!

Phoenix Property Management - Three Tips for a successful Phoenix Move!

No matter how you look at it, moving is stressful! Packing, changing routines and uprooting your household is a surefire recipe for stress no matter who you are.  However, adding pets and children into the equation can amp up the stress even more! Here we provide tips for the three steps of a move; preparation, moving day and post move.

The best way to prepare your children is to talk about the move and have them assist with the prep work.  Let them decide on things like paint color for their new room.  If possible, take them to things such as restaurants, shops and schools near the new property and help them visualize what new memories will be like at the new home.  As much as possible try to engage your kids in the packing process so that if you have to pare down their items they assist with the decision making.  Be sure to pack a few of their favorite items either in the car or at the top of a box specially marked so they can have them at the new home right away.

Moving Day:
Expect moving day to be hectic, and do everything you can to alleviate that stress. If you can, have a friend take your pet for the day so that you don’t have to worry about them getting out while moving things into the new place.  Also, maybe see if your kids can do a play day with friends so that they don't have to experience the stress and pressure with the actual move.

Post-Move Tips:
Try to unpack all boxes as quickly as possible so that the property starts to feel like a home quickly.  Return your pets to their normal eating and walk schedule right away.  Also, be sure your kids have their favorite toys. Getting back to routine provides security and comfort to little ones (with both two and four feet!) in the midst of change.

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