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Phoenix Property Management - Top 5 Ways To Minimize Weed Growth!

Phoenix Property Management - Top 5 Ways To Minimize Weed Growth!

A few weeks ago we discussed the best way to prepare for the monsoon season the next step is to figure out how to control all of the weeds that have grown due to the rain! Below we outline the five best way to control weeds at your Phoenix rental home:

1. Spray a good quality pre-emergent every 6 months.  Although the pre-emergent won't remove the weeds that are there, it will definitely help to keep new weeds from sprouting. We recommend spraying in September and May.

2. Be sure your sprinkler heads are only watering your plants and bushes.  Additionally, if you have a plant or bush die remove or cap the sprinkler that was providing that bush water so that you don't get weeds in place of the bush.  Also, be sure that your sprinklers are spraying an area close to live bushes as any water outside of the bush can bring about unwanted weeds.

3. Make sure to pull your weeds!  Although this one may sound silly; often times people just spray a weed killer and then leave the unsightly dead weeds.  The better option is to remove the weeds and then spray a pre-emergent.

4. Use mulch in your garden/bushes/trees to reduce weed growth.

5. Replace dirt yards with rock and be sure to properly prepare your yard for the rock prior to installation using a weed barrier as well as tarp.

Unfortunately weeds are a big issue in Phoenix from March to October so it is best to be preventative and stay on top of the issue before weed growth is out of control!

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