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Phoenix Rental Home - Landscape Maintenance: Who is responsible?

Phoenix Rental Home - Landscape Maintenance: Who is responsible?
As the seasons change, Real Property Management West Valley Phoenix wants to remind property owners of the importance of landscape maintenance before the change in weather arrives.
The Landlord, The Tenant, and The Lawn
Whether you have acres of land needing upkeep, or less labor intensive desert landscaping, landscape maintenance can be a gray area for rentals. Phoenix area property management companies agree that the job of landscape maintenance should fall to the property owner or manager and not to the tenant, unless tenant landscape responsibilities are specifically spelled out in the lease.
A well-kept yard can boost the overall appearance of your home, and change the way the tenant cares for the property by seeing that you do the same. But, when it comes to landscape maintenance, it’s more than just the lawn.
 The Low Down on Tree Trimming
Trimming any trees and shrubs on the property is an area of maintenance that should be completed at least on an annual basis. Tree and shrub trimming falls to the property owner, or a professional tree trimming service.
Trimming your trees and shrubs has many benefits including:
     Reduce the risk of damage to your home by trimming branches that are too close to windows, siding, and roof.
     Increase the longevity of the tree or shrub by removing branches that can cause problems to overall health.
     Ensure the safety of those on the property from being hurt by a falling branch.
Real Property Management West Valley Phoenix has access to tree and shrub trimming services and other landscape maintenance companies at a discount for our clients. If maintenance is not something you enjoy doing on your own, call us today to see how one of our preferred partners can help!