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Phoenix Rental Property With or With OUT Pets????

Phoenix Rental Property With or With OUT Pets????

As Phoenix Property Managers most of our owners ask us for input regarding the question of pets or no pets so here are some thoughts on the topic from Phoenix Property Managers.

1. Allowing pets means a larger applicant pool in which to select a tenant meaning a greater chance of placing a qualified tenant in your Phoenix rental.

2. Allowing pest means a significantly faster time to place a tenant.  On average properties that are pet friendly rent in about half the time of a property that is not pet friendly.

3. There is no advantage to allowing small pets over large because if a pet is going to create damages it is going to be because the owner doesn't take care of them properly and that can happen regardless of the size of the pet.

4. Pets don't always mean more damages.....often times a small child can do more damage by writing/painting on walls than a pet can do and unfortunately you can't legally charge a "child" deposit but you can charge a pet deposit.

5. Not allowing cats doesn't seem to increase marketing time like not allowing dogs does even though only about .6% more households have dogs than cats.

6. If you have a Phoenix rental property and you are planning on keeping it for awhile, your best bet is to remove the carpet and install tile this way you can allow pets without the concern of carpet replacement.

Lastly, remember that even if you advertise your Phoenix Rental Property as not pet friendly it doesn't mean that your tenant won't sneak one in without your approval and if this happens you won't even have a pet deposit collected.  
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