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Phoenix Rental Property....With OR Without Furniture???

Phoenix Rental Property....With OR Without Furniture???

You've just purchased your Phoenix rental property and can't decide if you should rent it furnished or unfurnished so what's the difference???  Here is a quick overview:

Furnished Rental:
1. Typically short term tenants
2. Higher monthly rent amount because tenants are short term but less predictable rent payment periods
3. More "turn over" management as sometimes tenants stay for as short as one week
4. Property owner can use the property whenever they want to come into town
5. More and longer times of vacancy as the metro Phoenix tourist time is very slow during the hot summer months
6. Property owner must carry full cost of utilities year round including the very hot summers  

Unfurnished Rental:
1. Typically 12 month lease or longer
2. Lower monthly rent amount because tenant is committed to longer term
3. Property owner can only use property in between 12 month lease term so less flexibility
4. Less times of vacancy because only vacant in between 12 month lease terms
5. Tenant responsible for utilities during occupancy so property owner only responsible in between 12 month lease agreements
6. Consistent rental payments for 12 months

In conclusion, the unfurnished rental is a preferable choice for Phoenix rental property owners who don't plan on visiting Phoenix often or when visiting prefer to stay at one of our many fabulous resorts.  Furnished rentals however are the best option for property owners who do visit often and wish to have their own place to stay.  When making your decision remember that if you go with the unfurnished rental than ALL furniture must be removed as long term tenants typically have their own belongings that they take from property to property.
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