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Pro Tips for Successful Move Ins At Your Rental Properties

Pro Tips for Successful Move Ins At Your Rental Properties
Last week, we reviewed three items regarding the lease signing. The next step in the tenant rental cycle is the move in.

At RPM West Valley, we have a detailed, logical, formal and consistent move in procedure. This relates to all of the elements of our move in including our policies, process and documents.

A consistent and effective move in process is key for a rental property owner. If you conduct each move in the exact same way, you will record accurate and reliable details of your properties condition at the time of the move in. You will also avoid most uncertainty regarding security deposit issues at move out.

Here are a few important items regarding the move in that will help. 

1) Develop a specific checklist that includes each item of concern in every room. For example, for the living room would have a line item for the floor. On this item you would include a line where you can write down issues as well as three checkboxes. On the line you can detail if there is a condition problem such as a scratch or ding. On the three check boxes you can have N for New, S for Satisfactory, and O for Old.

2) Make sure that the tenant understands that this formal move-in is an important process of their tenancy and any items of concern are their responsibility to note, not yours.

The move in day will be a hectic for them. The new tenants will be primed at a high cadence and will be mainly concerned with trying to get their things unloaded and set up in the house.

However, they need to be fully aware that the move in documents will be what you will referencing to at move out. If they miss something, it might cost them when it comes to the deposit disposition is calculated down the line.

3)  Have the tenant sign off on all key sets and remotes.

4)  Write down a list of maintenance items that can be quickly fixed by using common sense. Make sure that the tenants know that if you have to send a guy out to fix something, and the “fix” is simply a common sense issue, they will be charged for his service call. For example, items “like flipping a fuse or turning the water heater temperature button up”.

5) Take as many pictures as necessary to fully show the property's condition. We highly recommend getting a 14-16 megapixel camera.

Take a picture of at least every room. Also, take a picture of the outside of the house, landscape and roof. If there is an item of concern that is noted, make sure you capture it at a couple of different angles.

For additional assistance regarding the move in, you can check out our RPM West Valley move in video tutorial.