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Real Property Management Phoenix (WV)- 85050, Phoenix & Wildcat Ridge Subdivision, Phoenix Rental Home Prices

Real Property Management Phoenix (WV) studied the 85050 zip code within Phoenix AZ and the Wildcat Ridge, Phoenix subdivision rental prices and other rental property market data from 2014-2017.

The 85050 zip code boundaries are located to the south of Jomax, east of Cave Creek, North of Union Hills and West of Tatum.  The Wildcat Ridge subdivision is located just north of the Loop 101 and south of Deer Valley.

All of Real Property Management Phoenix (WV) rental market figures for the 85050 zip code as well as the Wildcat Ridge, Phoenix subdivision are taken from closed rental data from the Arizona MLS from 2014-2017.

Below is the data compiled by Real Property Management (WV); the Wildcat Ridge subdivision in Phoenix pretty closely mirrors the data for the 85050 zip code overall.

Reviewing the data from Real Property Management Phoenix (WV); the average rental price for the 85050 zip code as well as the Wildcat Ridge, Phoenix subdivision increased almost 13% from 2014-2017. However the average days on market for the Wildcat Ridge subdivision was a bit higher in 2017 at 34 versus the zip code's overall average of 29 days. 

In Real Property Management Phoenix (WV) conclusion the 85050 zip code is an excellent one for Phoenix rental properties.

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