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Standing out in the Advertising Crowd!

Standing out in the Advertising Crowd!
As a Phoenix Property Manager we know that now that the holidays have pasted when tenant's begin searching for a new home to rent, most tenants know exactly where to look and most landlords know to post in these places. With everyone posting their available properties in the same place, it is crucial to make sure your advertisement stands out. There are some small tricks that will help you do just that. Often when faced with a long list of properties to consider, most prospective renter narrow there search down in one way or another. Often the first listing to be ruled out are those that lack information. Including photos of your property is a must as some renters won't even look at your ad if there are not any photos.

Another way to stand out in the crowd is with a compelling headline. The words "Home for rent" tell a prospective renter nothing about your property. Instead include details in your headline that make your property shine. "Spacious, 4 bed / 2.5 bath in Avondale with a Pool"   Be sure to be honest!

Including the square footage of the home, the year built, listing the amenities, along with the location and the date available are very important. Be sure to include pricing information like the rent and security deposit amount and set expectations about utilities. Notate any pet restrictions, background check fees and pet deposit amount. Be up front and descriptive in your ad, and you'll find a tenant in no time.