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Surprise, AZ and Greer Ranch Subdivision Rental Prices and Data - 2013 to 2017

Over the last 5 years (2013-2017), property rental prices in Surprise and Greer Ranch have shown a significant increase. Also, Surprise rental property and Greer Ranch rental property inventories have decreased substantially from 2013-2017.

Greer Ranch is a subdivision is located south of Grand Avenue and 83rd avenue. It is east of Reems Rd. and west of Sarival Ave. It is north of Peoria Ave and west of Cactus Rd. 

The adjacent Surprise subdivisions to Greer Ranch are Rancho Gabriela, Twelve Oaks Estates and Sycamore Farms. 

The numbers that follow compare full year rental property market data from 2013-2017 in Greer Ranch and Surprise, AZ. The number of rental properties analyzed is simulated for 2017 based the rental market data through 9-30-2017. 

All figures are taken from closed Surprise and Greer Ranch rental property data from the MLS from 2013-2017 and only include unfurnished single-family home rental properties

The above charts show good growth for rental home prices in Surprise and Greer Ranch from 2013-2017. The inventory in both comparisons also shows a significant decrease.

The rental home price average in Surprise, AZ has increased about 22% in these five years. In Greer Ranch, the increase in rent in this time frame has been 25%.

Rental property inventory in Surprise, AZ has decreased 40% from 2013 to 2017 and rental inventory is down 50% in the Greer Ranch subdivision.

It is interesting to note in this time frame, the 22% increase in Surprise, AZ rent prices has outperformed the Consumer Price Index (6%) by over 2 1/2 times