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The basics of Turnover Repairs

The basics of Turnover Repairs
After a tenant has resided at your property for several years, there will be some normal wear and tear maintenance that is needed.  This can range from simple touch up painting and sprucing up to more extreme cases of multiple loads of trash out, full painting of the property and flooring replacement.

If you use our approach to move outs at your Arizona property, you will be able to make accurate and fair assessments of damage and determine whether your tenants should be charged.

At all of our move outs, we evaluate what needs to be done and whether the owner or tenant should cover the repair costs.  We take very detailed steps to assess property condition.

The first thing we do is take an inventory of the properties condition at move out.  This is done by completing a detailed check list referencing all the rooms at the property. Additionally we take on average 150 pictures of the property during this inspection.

With this information, we can compare it with the properties move in condition.  We also consider the length of occupancy of the tenant moving out.  It makes sense that normal wear and tear expectations would be different for a one year tenant than for a five year tenant.  Then, we determine what needs to be done and if the tenant should be held responsible for the damage.

The two most common issues that need to be addressed are the walls and the floors. With the walls, a room at the average rental property should go up to three years with a good coat of semi-gloss pant.  With carpet, a good rule of thumb is that carpet should last 5 years at a rental property.
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