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The Heat is On - What Should You Expect to Pay for A/C Repairs at Your Phoenix Arizona Rental Property

The Heat is On - What Should You Expect to Pay for A/C Repairs at Your Phoenix Arizona Rental Property
If you own a property in Arizona, you probably know that it gets hot here and that an A/C repair could be a high maintenance cost and affect your bottom line.  Over the last several years, we have seen tons of common problems with A/C units at the properties we manage.  Below are brief descriptions of 5 common issues and their estimated cost to repair.

1. A/C Run Capacitor has failed - There are three main capacitors on most systems. The motor run capacitor, outside fan motor capacitor and indoor blower motor run capacitor. Capacitor failure is by far the most common A/C repair issue and can be repaired for around $200.00 (final price depends on the part quality).

2. Outdoor Fan/Blower Motor Failure - These two failures are the second most common issues. The blower motor is the motor that blows the air for the indoors.  The outdoor fan motor is commonly referred to as the condenser fan and this fan cools the outdoor coil so the refrigerant in the coil can go from a gas to a liquid.  Each of these repairs can be made for anywhere between $350 - $1500.

3. Leaks - There are unfortunately several places where a leak can occur.  Most frequently the leaks occur in the pipes or coils.  Leak detection is tricky and time consuming.  Sometimes, a stop leak product can be added and the unit can be charged and then work successfully.  This type of repair can cost between $300 - $500. Sometimes, however the indoor coil needs to be replaced which can run anywhere from $1000 - $1500 + depending on how much Freon needs to be removed and then added.

4. Compressor failure - This is a costly repair and can run between $1200 - $2000.  Additionally, with this repair it may be best to replace the outdoor condenser if it is compatible with the indoor unit.

5. Full system replacement - this is usually needed when the system is ravaged from theft or if there is a needed repair that is costly and the unit is old.  Full A/C system replacement includes the outside condenser, indoor handler, all parts, refrigerant and installation and ranges from $4000 and up.
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