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The Move in Inspection - Why It is A Key Element In Property Management

The implementation of a move in inspection when the tenant first takes possession of the property is an item that many landlords overlook. However, this is an important part of an effective tenant management system.

We conduct thorough and standard move in inspections at our managed rentals throughout each tenants rent cycle. 

A move in inspection helps us a great deal in the overall management process of the property. 

Here are a few reasons the move in inspection is valuable for you as an owner:

1) It gives you an exact idea of the property condition so you can anticipate repairs.

2) It shows the tenants that they will be held accountable for the properties condition during their tenancy.

3) It starts a formal process to the landlord/tenant relationship. This is important to keep data and events organized and standardized for both parties.

4) The move in document serves as a reliable record in the case of a deposit dispute.

There are many ways to handle the move in property inspection. Here is a video that details the important steps

For more help regarding how to conduct the move in inspection, you can read our Move in Inspection  tips blog post.