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Sun City Property Management

Enjoy passive income from your rental property without the hassle of managing it.

Managing a rental property can be stressful.

That’s where we come in.

  • Reduce expenses & increase your rental income
  • Get fast placement of quality tenants
  • Seamlessly transition to earning passive income

Our Sun City Property Management Services

Streamlined Property Management Process

With experience in managing over 500 properties in Sun City, we know a thing or two about management. We assist with all aspects of the process, from rental property marketing to the signing of a brand new lease.


Choosing Quality Tenants

How do you decide on the best tenants for your rental property? It’s easy with our triple filter screening process for tenants, which inspects backgrounds, criminal records, and more.


On-Time Rental Payments

Timely rent collection is one of the most stressful aspects of rental property management. We have a proven process to collect rent each month and disburse your payments on time.


Lease Enforcement

Lease enforcement ensures that tenants are respecting your property as well as other tenants. RPMPV takes the task of enforcing your rules on your behalf for all occasions.


Rental Property Marketing

Properly marketing your rental property can feel like a full-time job. Leave the task to us, as we know exactly how and where to market your income property for best results.


Licensed and Experienced Contractors

Daunted by the task of rental maintenance and upkeep? Take advantage of our licensed contractors, making repairs ranging from leaky plumbing to tenant damage.


Solve Problems Before Eviction

While we vet only the most qualified tenants, trouble can still arise without warning. Our eviction rate stands at less than .05%, as we work to solve problems and keep units occupied over eviction.

Why Should You Work with Real Property Management Phoenix Valley?

We’ll Help You Save Time and Money

As the preferred Sun City property management company, we keep your stress levels in check and allow you to enjoy your passive income. We proudly serve the community of Sun City and surrounding areas, standing as the top choice for many reasons:


Over Two Decades of Experience

We’re not newcomers to the world of property management. We’ve serviced the community for the last 25 years while managing over 500 properties to date.


Management Fees in Your Budget

Our reasonable property management fees will still allow you to enjoy your passive income. We offer two-tier levels including $78/month for standard and $115/month for platinum.


Prompt Communication

Always answering the phone during business hours, you can trust us to answer and follow-through on our calls. You’ll also enjoy one-on-one conversations with the owner to always keep you in the know.


Get Quality Tenants in 1 Day

With the popularity of living in Sun City, you can see units filled in as little as 1 day. On average, property owners can get their rentals occupied in an average of 12 days.


Highly Detailed Property Inspections

Our property inspections are performed by a licensed realtor. From there, you can rely on our detailed photos, including follow-up photos and paperwork for your records.


Long-term Client Retention Rate

Property managers typically partner with us for an average of 5 years! We look forward to working with you long-term as well.

What Sets Us Apart

Offering property management in Sun City for 25 years, we’re highly experienced and equipped to professionally manage all aspects of your income property. Our company has proudly won numerous awards, including Best Property Management Company in Phoenix.

We love working with property owners who are too busy to worry about self-management. This includes multi-unit property owners as well as new landlords with only one tenant. No matter your experience level, there is something to benefit from working with our property management company.

Whether you’re looking for HOA management with an online system or a more reliable way to collect rent each month, reach out to us at RPMPV to partner with us today.

All About Owning Income Property in Sun City, AZ

Welcome to Sun City, known for its unique architectural character and the slogan of The Original Fun City. The average rental price in Sun City is $1,190 per month.

You’ll love the selection of things to do and do in Sun City. The Del Webb Sun Cities Museum offers entertainment and a brief history of baseball, golf, and local performing arts. The Sun Bowl Open-air Amphitheater also provides plenty of outdoor entertainment.

When you’re ready for a bite to eat, try local restaurants such as Nino’s Mexican Food Restaurant, Sunset Bistro, and Paulie’s Little Bite of Italy.

Do you have income property in Sun City? Trust RPMPV to take on the task of property management and recruit long-term tenants.